Welcome to SCDAS (Southern Com4t Digital Audio Studios). The affordable alternative to the large and high end expensive recording facilities. The staff and management at SCDAS are pleased to be able to bring to the community competitive and personalized rates for all services provided by our organization. Southern Com4t Digital Audio Studios has been around since the early 1980s. Started its debut on the heels of various groups and bands. From live recordings on such media as 8 track recorders, reel to reel and cassettes. After years of analog recording and the sweat and aggravation that comes along with it we are now proud to say technology has influenced our move into digital audio recording. Southern Com4t Digital Audio Studios has compiled a list of working musicians who are ready and able to supply the company with professional quality session work  on most music applications. From R&B to contemporary Gospel. We specialize in demo tapes and demo CDs , complete musical sequences including audio tracks for the performer that needs a backup band but can't afford the expenses of the live musician. For the singer/ vocalist wanting to be heard but lack the talents associated  with playing an instrument, we are here to supply you with that special sound you desire. So get in touch with an associate of SCDAS and lets work out that special session that will fit your personal needs. Remember to K.I.S.S and Enjoy the sounds of SCDAS ( Southern Com4t Digital Audio Studios). 1999  Since January 1999 SCDAS has branched off into the Gospel front. Its newly formed ( SCGP ) Southern Com4t Gospel Productions is quiet an asset to the parent organization. Here too you will find a variety of session and studio musicians available to participate in any project under taken in the studios. The founder of SCDAS/SCGP is apart of the musicians/vocalist that you will find in SCDAS local profiles.   Bringing you topics relating to music locally and nationally, from HipHop to the latest Gospel tunes is our number one calling. If you're desire is to just be informed than the Pages of SCDAS is where you want to be.

Who is MO-G ?? MO-G is the standing root of many extremely versatile players on the Richmond Va. music scene, past and present. From family gospel group to Part Tyme R&B act (1980s) with Stanley Jones on lead/vocals Bernard (BASSMAN) Evans on bass/vocals and John Williams on drums  duo gospel group including Lynwood White on bass and lead vocals to, solo gospel player, to solo R&B to hot duo Featured Artist. Featured Artist soon acquired Kimmy White on back ground vocals  and Larry Chandler on congas/rhythm. And today once again doing his best solo act George Chandler vocals/lead-background, keyboards (Motif es8,Yamaha p80) is back on the scene in Richmond as Mo-G! Question-why the name MO-G? (Well since I do a solo act and my main instrumentation comes from the Motif what better name for my stage presence than MO-G Question- you bill yourself as an oldie but goodie show could you elaborate! (Yeah I am old school to the bone! Back during the Part Tyme area I did most of the lead singing and shared a very big portion of selecting song material. Back in that day we used sheet music but still got a lot of stuff from cassette, vinyl, reel to reel and yeah 8track.Question- 8 track? That's right 8track I still have quite a few in the studio. Guys in the group were above the teenage thing and all having 60s soul orientation. The funk and disco tunes were no problem. So I found myself doing a lot of Kool and the gang stuff like ladies nite, Joanna, Too hot and others from Jerry Butler, Jeffrey Osborne, Lou Rawls and more of the old school crooner style jams. A lot our tunes came from the 70s and 80s as well. Question- as a solo artist do you find that you are received as less or more oppose to a complete live set? At this point in the game it is hard to tell. I have always had a good following in R&B sets as well as with the Gospel. No matter solo or grouped live. There are those who will come out simply to hear my music and enjoy the sets. Remaking myself into a solo act again is demanding as well as challenging but not with out it's pitfalls! My solo sets are musically full meaning instrumentation as well as back ground vocal parts. It takes a bit of time to sequence parts into the MO and then have them as true to the actions of that particular player who's part is being digitally portrayed. I am fortunate enough to have complete samples of now deceased but long time brother, and fellow musician Bernard Evans. This guy and I played for well over 20 years together. It was he that was the back bone, the real glue behind groups Part Tyme and Featured Artist. I learned a lot from this guy that was known by those that loved him as THE BASS MAN. So a lot of the tunes you hear me play have his samples in them. Question- you say you use samples! Does this mean that you sample the music of established songs? Never!! I consider myself musician enough to write my own parts I never sample any established music or use beats to do what I do. There are local musicians that I affiliate myself with that will lay down parts for me if i so desire. A lot of times I use my sisters to lay down back ground parts that I bring into the MO mix and are used as part of the arrangement of the some of the songs I play. Even as proficient as the MOTIF is I find it musically more satisfying to lay down a click track and play the song from beginning to end. Question- what gear do you use other than the motif? Well I am a Yamaha fanatic. I am not nor will I ever kick any other brand of gear but Yamaha and I go way back. Back to the YC, DX, SY, TG, to the PSSR series in the Yamaha line up to the Motif from Yamaha. We use the AW16G for multitracking, Behringer  PMH5000powered mixer, Behringer  20 track mixer, Peavey, speaker max and crate speakers. Cakewalk sonar is the main software used in the studio. However we do have a lot of the other top music software available. Question- you ever work with local hip hop artist? On and off. I guess you could say that what I know about the style of music I get from my eldest son. Jared is into the hip hop scene and does extremely well at it. You can find him at Do check him out he is smooth if I must say so myself. Question- so what are your goals for this solo act and what is your expected time table to getting a solo act well known in the Richmond and Tri-city areas?  Seeing is believing so come out when I play and check me out. I think that you will find my sound good and the show moving. If local venues will contact me I will do better than a demo I will give a free live demo. I really believe that perspective bookers will appreciate my sound more in a live setting than on cd. I do have demo cd,s but prefer to demo live!


Curtis Mayfield MOVE ON UP Teddy Pendergrass BAD LUCK
Berry White MY FIRST MY LAST Teddy Pendergrass LATEST GREATEST
Berry White ECSTASY Tyrone Davis TURNING POINT
Teddy Pendergrass ITíS SO GOOD LTD feat Jeffrey Osborne CONCENTRATE ON YOU
Teddy Pendergrass BEEN A LONG TIME Jeffrey Osborne SHEíS ON THE LEFT
Commodores EASY Spinners IíLL BE AROUND
Frankie Beverly and Maze HAPPY FEELINGS Otis Redding THESE ARMS OF MINE
Bobby Womack HARRY HIPPIE Joe Simone TRYNG TO LOVE 2
Garland Green JELOUSE KINDA FELLOW  Clarence Carter SLIP AWAY

Planning an event? Birthday partiy - private function - corporate event !! Need entertainment with a big sound and small footprint! E-MAIL now and get ready to let the music play! Enjoy the old school sounds that take you back to a time when it was all so carefree!!

Local profiles

  • Kevin Pryor

  • Poison Oak

  • Larry Chandler





Stanley Jones 

Of the Richmond Va. area Lead and rhythm guitarist/vocals  Styles..Gospel, R&B, Rock, Soul, Blues, Jazz etc.  Over twenty years experience  After years of secular playing he is now devoting his talents to Gospel music. He has played with several national recording artist such as Billy and Sarah Gaines, Joseph Garlington and Alvin Fugua. He has appeared with the Praise team on the 700 club. In 1996 Stanley founded Six Strang ministries, and is currently the music minister with Glen Allen Christian Fellowship of the Richmond Va. area. Contact: Six Strang Ministries (804) 320-6712


James Sutherland  Photo property of SCDAS  Location: Powatan Va.    A very inspiring rhythm guitarist with 25 years of experience. He bills himself as a country/folk guitarist and vocalist who loves to add a bit of swing to his music. James started playing in and with a garage band. He played with a small country band from local Louisa County in Va. by the name of " Davis & Co. " for 2 1/2 years. His influences are such artist as John Paine, Bonnie Rait, and Lyle Lovett. He is currently working with a writers band by the name of " The Hackers ". His main axe is acoustic opposed to electric and admits he has a passion for writing. April of 2002 Jim released a promotional Cd through SCDAS titled Hiking down 95. All music written arranged and performed by James Sutherland .




Dr. Mix  Mix and PenDr. Mix has participated in the music industry for over 17 years in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic areas. Centering on the Tri-Cities of the Eastern Seaboard. Dr. Mix Productions has been supplying the music mix and DJ services for Nightclubs, Parties and Large outdoor events - even sports events! Promoting Video Productions, RB, Rap and Hip-Hop, Dr. Mix provides the best quality of mixed songs for your event and the BEST promotions utilizing the all New Shockwave Van! Ready for Street Promotions with Dr. Mix's printing services? Dr. Mix Productions has arranged the best quality of printing for your promotions. Street Promotions are an effective way of getting your event noticed. We provide posters, POP (point of purchase), banners, song-list mixed CDs, Sponsored DJ Services, advertising tickets. With our 24-hour turn around for your printed media, we'll have you ready for an event of the lifetime! Dr. Mix Productions has artist available for completing your promotions to customer's specifications or you are welcome to provide your own artwork and text. Studio Mixed CDs and Video We will mix the BEST tunes on your list! Everyone enjoys hearing his or hers specific artist. Available in our Production Studio, Dr. Mix can arrange your song-list on your very own special CD! Includes high digital sound for your repeated use in other events. Perform dance routines, innovative routines or just have a party...Your Mixed CD will be the life of the party. Additionally you may want to have your party video taped.



Robert (BOB) Short. Minister, song writer, husband, father, friend, drummer. Robert played with the group Christ Connection in the 90s. He has written several gospel tunes yet to be released. I have had the pleasure of writing all backing tracks for all of his songs and doing some back ground vocals. Bob's songs are as follows Bobs MP3sPraise the Lord - In Christ - Everything - Lord you are




George Chandler  Keyboardist/Vocalist  Over twenty years of musical experience  Styles include Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Gospel  Writes, arranges, produces, tech support  One of Richmond's own. George is currently using his talents in the Gospel field. He is founder of {SCDAS/SCGP} Southern Com4t Digital Audio Studio / Southern Com4t Gospel Productions in Richmond Va. When in need of an additional gospel artist He is available info listed below photo.

SCDAS news   To each and everyone that has browsed the pages of SCDAS the Front Offices would like to express our fondest hopes and wishes to you for a prosperous year. And let us each remember to treat as we would like to be treated, teach as we would like to be taught, and think as we would like to be thought about. This new year is but the start of good things to come. Let us reach out with more than our hands, but with our hearts and touch another's life with thoughts of happiness and the joy of life. One of my favorite songs done by the Jackson Southernaires says *** For everything there is a time and a season only God can make time and only God knows the reasons*** George A Chandler Ceo and President SCDAS/SCGP   Ground breaking at SCDAS The first phase of construction for the new future home of Southern Com4t Digital Audio Studio got underway March 11 2001. Materials for phase one was purchased on 03-10-01. It was a nice pre-spring day and perfect for working. Vice president P.J. Chandler was in attendance and worked the entire shift lifting cutting and nailing. Head of data entry Nicole Draughn came in latter in the day to bring the latest news and to hammer a few layment nails. President-CEO G.A. Chandler (G-MAN) was the hired hand. Cutting measuring and doing the heavy stuff. The day ended with phase one 99.99 percent complete. Phase two is scheduled for March 16-17th 2001. So far we are moving on and ahead of schedule. March 17 2001 picked up framing material early . Completed all sidewalls, door and window openings. Cut template for roof rafters. Mark C. came over and gave a helping hand. Pamela was on the scene as always giving and giving her all to the project. Hopefully tomorrow we will finish hanging the rafters and be ready for phase 3 laying roof sheathing and siding. Did butcher 2 2x4x93" getting rafter angle right. Phase 3 Roof framing March 18 2001 It was cold out up until about 2 that evening. It was a very sunny day but the wind chill was about 15 degrees colder. Pamela was indisposed most of the day so she was strictly an observer. Mark worked the whole day with me. I know his butt was cold. Had on them hundred dollar shoes and pants hanging off the butt with a thin long sleeve shirt on. Kept telling me Daddy I'm not cold. Yeah Right dude. Any way Mark and I went to pickup needed material and wait on the weather. To get down to the real meat of things, we finished the top plate and cut all rafters to fit, extended and installed the ridge board. The day ended about 5 and we walked away looking at 98 percent of all framing done. Hopefully the weather and the sun will allow me to square and level the rafters and permanently nail them in place. Plus install rafter braces. Watching the weather closely might take off Friday and start phase 4 installing siding and roof lament. This material will be picked up before Friday hopefully.

Interview with Mr. Bernard Evans   This dynamic bass playing artist chills the musical spine with some of the smoothest licks to have been heard by my ears. Jam sessions with Mr Evans are always a lesson as well as entertaining. Better known as (BASS MAN Ray) he has come full circle in the music and entertainment field. Having played with numerous groups through out the years he has compiled a long list of tunes that are all time favorites to his listeners. I have had the pleasure of working with the Bass Man many times before and recently the opportunity to have him work on an up coming project of my own. He is now currently playing with one of Richmonds finest groups (Mirage) Hats off to this local musician for his outstanding and continued music success.

RAY (BASSMAN) EVANS Instruments: Bongos, Bass guitar (Main AXE) vocals.  Experience: 25 years Born Norfolk Va.Music styles consist of R&B, jazz, pop, rock Started music career with family group. And then on into playing with various local groups through out the Norfolk and Richmond area. Also performed in vocal group while in the U.S. navy aboard the U.S.S St Paul. Later he began to experiment in the studio and recording. Has played on several studio projects for several different recording artist. Currently performing with one of the Richmond areas most talented groups (Mirage). Has done back up for the Coasters and the Marvelletts through East coast entertainment. Mr. Evans is available for work . You can contact him at the number listed below or at the e-mail address to the left and below picture.

 History  With Mr George A Chandler Of Richmond Virginia   Styles are R&b,Gospel, Blues, and a touch of Jazz. George also known as Big G has been in the music business for a large portion of his life. From the tuty flute of elementary school to the school band from the choir bench of church to local bands. His career spans better than twenty years of honest musical abilities. Playing and singing in a family Gospel group named The L.A.C Memorial Singers . This family group consisted of seven out of eight sisters a drummer , Guitar and bass player. Later he would take the part as lead vocalist and keyboardist of another group named Part Tyme and company. This hot little four piece band consisted of Mr Bernard Evans of Richmond Va lead /back ground vocalist bass player. Mr Stanley Jones lead / background vocals , lead and rhythm guitarist. Sir John from Pennsylvania , drummer. Today George is making his debut as a solo gospel performer. He has three singles ( Lift you from the waters , I pray to Jesus and To be touched by the hands of God) that are truly uplifting contemporary gospel tunes. You must see him live to appreciate his abilities. All tunes done by this artist are performed arranged and sung by himself. That goes for the back ground vocal parts as well as all instrumentation. So if you get the chance to see him live don't pass it up. For more info you can contact SCDAS by e-mail

Scdasrack 03  Hi, I just want to thank you people at SCDAS for my scdas-Rack-03, its perfect!. Having all my gear set-up and ready to go has really cut down on my set-up time. The fact that its collapsible, made to specs and matches my ibook perfectly lets me know that you guys aim to please.Thanks-a-lot.  Stanley Jones, Six Strang Recording



Scdasrack 01  (Electronic equipment and computer not included) I have owned a lot of racks in my time. The majority of them were home made to spec by yours truly. And believe you me not one of them can compare to this rack. I have and old rack that is 1/2 inch plyboard over a steel frame. On WHEELS! Boy you talking about heavy. Most of the time I move from place to place performing or just jamming with the fellows a pcikup truck is not the transport desired but more times than any the mode was nonother. And I know that many have struggled with a lot of equipment that was bulky and heavy. Well let me tell you that this rack is the lightest of any rack I have delt with and extremely flexibale. No longer do I need help loading and unloading any of my personal affects. Getting equipment setup and checked before a gig has become approximatly 15 to 20 mins. Being a vocalist/ keyboardist who does a one man Gospel thing. The Scdasrack has saved me time and space not to mention the conserved energy that we all need as musicians . The complete setup would be what is on the rack above plus 1 master keyboard, mike, speakers and the performer. So If you are interested in obtaining more info. you can e-mail



 Studio rates and bi laws

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$25.00  hr

CD duplication

$  1.00 ea

Video duplication

$  3.50 ea

Cassette duplication

$  2,00 ea

Audio to digital conversion

$  7.00  hr

4 hr block rate






SCDAS now offers 20 minutes of you sing it recording time!! Pick your song from a studio list and lay down your vocal part. Get a CD with you as the star performer. Come into the studio and record your performance now. That's right 20 minutes of you sing it recording time for only $15.00. Hurry and get your CD recorded now !!!!